What is the shelf life?

We tested it for 6mths and it still works AMAZING!

Can you paint over it for a metallic drip?

We have one BETTER...you can actually use our yellow cake drip and pour the portion you need to use and add gold highlighter luster dust (desired amount) to it and stir it in....but yes you can if you prefer to paint it.

How long does it take to dry? 

It actually begins to dry immediately and get a crust ....it dries completely in 30min.

What flavor is it?

The flavor is vanilla.

Is it vegan?

Yes, our cake drip is vegan!

Is it gluten-free?

Yes, our cake drip is gluten-free!

Do you ship?

Absolutley we do ...we also offer free shipping with all orders over $50

Can you mix to change the color/shade?

Yup sure can using gel paste colors as long as you know your primary color wheel.

Can you use on whip cream?

I dont see why not long as you apply it to a cold cake...you can even use it on cookies, chocolate covered berries, cupcakes and ice cream and of course CAKE! 

Can you purchase wholesale?

Sure you can ...use our contact form above entering your information and we can get started. (50 bottle minimum mix/match)

How many cakes can I get out of one bottle?

Well that all depends on your pressure....typically you can get 8-10 cakes