Meet Cynthia!

I myself also a cake decorator I had to find a way to make dripping cakes much easier to maintain the quality and consistency of our drip cakes in my bakery ..... like many other professional bakers and even hobby bakers ...I was tired of buying cake drip already made and I had to microwave it for 30seconds, shake then if not melted completely I had to warm it again ...and now at this point I burned it and it's now trash.... or making it from scratch and can't quite get the same consistency as before ......or even meting down candy melts ..... since I already own a bakery I have access to many ingredients.....


Did you know some of the best recipes come from I grab some ingredients I already had in my shop and mix them together and wallah I now have a cake drip that didn't require any heating ....I kept making it and using it work so well and consistently each and everytime I decided I wanna sell this I started selling it to local bakers in Baltimore and thought ok I'm on to something because they keep coming back buying more ..... at that moment is when I decided I need to find a manufacturer that can make this for me on a larger scale ..... and here we are today! I hope you love this extraordinary product just as much as I do.

*Patent Pending